Servicing and Repairs

Services and Repairs

Full Monty £120.00 Full strip and re-build, regreased bearings, wheels straightened plus brakes and gears serviced. (see home page for full description)

Bicycle Services:
£35 (Cable Brakes, include new inner brake and gear cables)

£39 (Hydraulic Brakes, also includes new inner cables)

Brake service: Cable brake service: £15.00 per brake (including new inner cable, excluding gyro cables) Hydraulic brake service £15.00 per brake

Gear service: £15.00 (includes new inner cable) for each derailleur, reduced to £25 for front and rear together.

Headset service/replacement (new part sold separately): £15.00
Fitting new forks  £15.00
Bar and stem fitting £5.00

Bottom bracket service or replacement (new part sold separately): £15.00

Wheel truing: £12-£15 (spokes an extra charge) Wheel bearing service: £15 labour (excludes new bearings)

Tube/tyre fitting: £5.00

NEW Boxed bike builds: £25 for children's bikes up to 20" wheel,  £35 for an Adults bike. 

Fitting mudguards £5

 Fitting grips £3.00

 Fitting Pedals £5.00

 Chain fitting: £5.00

Cones tightend: £5.00

 Removing block or cassette: £3.00

All repairs are done in store.

New parts are only fitted with the consent of the owner. Prices are estimated on your repair and can increase or decrease depending on the actual work carried out and the parts which are used. A 20% extra fitting charge may be added to parts which are brought externally, as these parts can not be guaranteed by Nix cycles.

Bicycle Repair Collection

For Bicycles that have been fully repaired by Nix Cycles and the have not been paid for or collected within the first three months from the completed repair date then an additional charge of £3 per week may be added as a storage charge to cover our costs.


If no contact has been made by you as an individual or on your behalf, after 12 months have passed since the completed repair date we will then proceed to recover our costs from the items left in our possession  and deem these as not wanted by you as we have not been contacted.

We will only cover our costs for the work and materials which have been used and if any charges have been applied. All further monies raised above out final invoice amount will be donated to a local charity or hospice.